Sunday, November 7, 2010

Valiant vs Aragon

OK, I'm getting flack about mixing up Valiant and Aragon and need to explain how this could happen. The last I saw Aragon he was with the 3 babies and looked so tall. The plan was to take the tall yearling colt. Valiant came up first, he was obviously taller than the other boy standing around plus Ayanna, Caden and Walker Sally's filly (we really need a name for her) were with him. He loaded right up and it was when he was in the trailer that a good look was taken. My first thought was, wow Aragon is really hairy, my second was wait a minute, this can't be the right horse. Once he was unloaded and Aragon found of course they don't look anything alike.
With the time change we didn't rush but were leisurely having a cup of coffee when the sound of a horse neighing breaks the silence of the morning. This isn't a sound that we usually hear at this time so up to dress and outside to check. Turns out the horses didn't know about the time change and wanted their breakfast. They knew someone should have been out feeding. Sanna was brought in and given her grain, Star was checked and the water tank filled then back in for a second cup of coffee.
Today is Jodi Kieser's wedding and church will be full.

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