Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Overwhelmed Understaffed

The three of  us volunteers couldn't finish processing the Bible studies today. Eva Jean spent most of the morning opening the mail, Diane worked the computer and I moved Bibles and Bikes. We didn't end up going to lunch until after noon. Most of the letters that come in are simple ones asking for a Bible or to join the study but one letter came in today that had us shaking our heads. I'm going to post some of that letter in his exact words and spelling here just in case someone wants to pray for this man or his celly.
Dear Berean Prison Ministry and Church My name is Albert. I am an African American Christian Man. I am under attack daily by my cell mate James Sanders. The best I can explain his behavor is that Please God, help me to describe Mr. James behavior, Mr. James Sonder is a voiltile Hostile bitter man. He uses Passing Gas constantly as a weapon to harm me and my body.
That wasn't' the only thing Albert was asking for he would also like a one time gift of $50.00 but he promises to pay it back when he is able. On the way to lunch we read the letter to Spark to see what we should do with this request and Spark had the perfect solution. Send his cell mate James a case of Bean-o and a letter to Albert that this is a better solution than money. For some reason I don't think Spark was taking this very seriously. 
After lunch Emily and I drove to Mangold Ford in Eureka to pick up the truck. I'm $1200.00 poorer but the truck now has working 4 wheel drive and runs well. 
After we got back Eliza needed to be teased. We used Killian for this. Can you tell by her ears what her answer was?
She is not yet in her foal heat. Emily took her over to the sign for a picture before putting her back.
Emily went out to mow around the fields, Mark came home a little early for dinner so I took the golf cart to go find Emily. I was going full blast down a small hill saw a flash of brown, swerved but still hit this newborn fawn and rolled it completely over.
Thankfully the poor thing wasn't hurt, it lay for a minute then jumped up and ran away. Hope the mom can find it when she comes back. We had left overs for dinner then took off for VBS. Clark Stoller was the very dynamic speaker speaking on Growing Godly Character Tomorrow morning Emily and I are heading to her home in Forrest, IL to pick up her 2 cows and Indy. We will need to leave early enough to be home in time for Emily to help Karin with vaulting at 11:00am.
Kim sent the picture below of her Friesian cross filly Java.
Java is a 3 year old filly out of Walker Sally by Raven. Isn't she gorgeous!

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