Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jewel's Filly First Time Out

We awoke to a wonderful rain storm that dropped about an inch and a half on our dry thirsty fields. No walk today as it didn't stop until later in the morning. What a good day to get laundry done. After the rain stopped 2 new bales were moved into the middle paddock then Sangria and Indy and their fillies moved over. Sangria was taken over to Evan to tease and unfortunately she still hates him. That means I threw $109.00 away yesterday. We were hoping the shot would force her to ovulate but if she isn't showing at all may as well not even try.
Emily and Rhoda were sent a text that we needed to cancel our plans of taking her to visit Neo this afternoon. Instead Jewel and her 2 day old filly were let out into the paddock next to the barn. This was the first time that filly has been out of the stall and it was funny watching her learn to use those long legs.

 Jewel was glad to get out of the stall too and have a good roll.

 She couldn't stay down too long, that filly took off running and Jewel needed to jump up to follow. She doesn't want to let her out of her sight yet.
Emily took care of Marika and her colt today. I ran into town to deposit the first of the month checks before the automatic payments hit.
Diane drove her van to church tonight taking mom, Ruth, Sarah Reinhard, Mark and I. She needed to drive through the 'red-neck carnival' ride before church. The automatic car wash on Sterling. This only cost $3.00 and is almost as fun as a real carnival ride, mom yelled, "hands up" as the soap and water sprayed and the blue ribbons were slamming into the car.
Tim and Debbie Funk are back from their trip to Israel, Tim had the service, he was truly humbled to have been there.

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