Friday, July 29, 2016

Rosaleigh Out

Rosaleigh was teased before feeding and very emphatically said, "no". She was marked out then the horses fed. Anna dropped off the girls a little after 8:00 am and when she sent the text that she was on her way we, the walkers, were at our farthest point. I had to book it to make it back in time. The morning was cool, making the outside job list a joy to do.
 Above Braelyn is pulling weeds and taking them to 'her burn pile', below Emily is raking the round pen with her helpers Braelyn and Taegan. 

 Above Taegan is helping Emily rake the outdoor arena and below Braelyn is watering the indoor arena while Emily and Taegan rake. 

 Above the girls are playing on the hay bales, below Emily and Kensley are throwing rocks out of the arena. 

 Above the girls are helping Emily mow the paddocks, below Braelyn is decorating the grass with driveway dust. 

 Above Taegan is petting Jewel's filly and below Eliza's colt is coming over to see the girls in the round pen. Around here we lock up the kids and let the horses run loose. 

 Above they are taking an ice cream cone break and below Kensley is kissing Ebby while sharing her cone. 

 Above the girls are jumping off the top of the golf cart unto the tramp and below Studley is just making sure Zero minds. 
 They were swinging when Anna arrived to pick them up around noon. We had a fun Friday morning.
 Above Kensley is flying in the swing and below is Taegan. 
 Braelyn is big enough to swing all by herself. 
This afternoon I worked on the next set of foal registrations getting out 5 more to Friesian Heritage Horse then worked on the half Andalusian registration before getting frustrated and stopping. That IALHA registry is just so much more expensive and harder to fill out than the FHH and it must be done in 3 steps. First the paper work needs to be sent in then the IALHA will send back a DNA kit which will have to be filled out and sent in then they will send the microchip which needs to be inserted with a HUGE needle. So far I've asked Dr. Hoerr or Dr. Pallen to do them but maybe this year I'll try it myself. The IALHA registry process takes months and is $220.00 for each foal. 
Mom invited Mark, me, Ruth, Fede, Ryan, and Rhonda for dinner tonight and served a delicious steak dinner with all the fixins. Ryan took the picture below for us. Our shirts were all so colorful.
After our meal we played Mexican Train, Rhonda smeared us all!

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