Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday's Fun

Mark and I decided to leave the lake house right after dinner on Saturday to head back home. We were pretty exhausted from the late nights, early mornings and each day filled to the brim with swimming, boating, games, hikes and all kinds of other activities. This was the vacation we will need a week at work to recover from. No wake boarding on Saturday morning, as it was a weekend the lake was crowded with boats and people. Instead after breakfast we loaded everyone up in 4 cars and drove to a small town about 10 miles away where the town was holding a carnival. The first stop was to ride the camel. This camel was 20 years old and very patient with the children.

 The next booth we stopped at was the local funeral home's booth where they were holding match box car races. The races were free and everyone was a winner. This booth was kind of hard to get the kids to leave. 

 The big entertainment was the local dance studio. They brought their students to perform for the crowd. (it was a pretty small town)
 The kids had never seen such a tall man and were a little worried about getting too close to this strange man with no feet. 
 They were willing to pose in front of him as long as Ben stayed with them for protection.
 The bouncy houses were fun and the kids knew all about those. 

The day was very hot, the hottest day of our vacation with temperatures over 90. The dunk a cop was glad when Nolan took Israel over to push the lever.
 After a couple hours the kids were hot and cranky and more than ready to head back to the Lake house. 
 Jace, Israel and Kensley were put down for a nap and the rest of the kids were taken to the beach. I was glad to stay inside listening for the sleepers to awaken. Our neighbor moved out and we were so happy to see that the new neighbor was our old neighbor from the last 2 years. She was so kind to tell us right away, "you let those children play on the beach when ever they want to." and a little disappointed to know we were all going to be leaving on Sunday.  Taunya cooked our meal on Saturday and while it was cooking the older kids played spike ball and the younger ones played happily in the sand on that forbidden beach. 
 Our last meal together was delicious and a little sad. We talked over the low points and high points of the week, the fun and games, crying children, chaos but delicious mealtimes, the early morning wake boarding, the sand bar, the swans and most of all our  memories we now get to take back and file in our brains of wonderful times as a family. 
 I can't stop writing this morning without saying a BIG big thank you to Ken and Darlene Hoerr for allowing us to use their wonderful lake house. This is such an amazing opportunity for our family and all of us are extremely thankful for our week together. The rest of the family are driving home this evening.
Mark and I arrived home around 9:00 pm last night, unloaded, went through mail then crashed into our own comfortable bed. It is very hot and humid here. The air conditioner is most appreciated. I'm heading out now to feed and am kind of shocked how hot it is at 7:00 am, this was a good week to spend on the water.

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