Friday, July 1, 2016

Marika and Her Colt Home

Karin and I pulled out right at 6:30 am to head to U of I. The Veterinarian attending Marika wanted us to be there at 9:00 am and we arrived with 10 minutes to spare. The bill for this emergency C section and the 6 day stay for the both of them was just over $6500.00. Much better than I'd anticipated. Thankfully the big wigs of U of I ended up reversing the charges for the bad colostrum and plasma needed because of the bad colostrum. The instructions were gone through the horses weighed then loaded up. The colt has gained quite a lot, he was up to 122 pounds. They traveled well, we stopped for gas in Carlock, IL which ended up being a good place to stop. Gas was $2.19 a gallon. Once home they were unloaded and stalled. Both were pretty tired from the trip.
While they were resting Karin pulled Rosaleigh out for some round pen reasoning. We were both pleased at her attitude and responsiveness.

She is ready for a rider as soon as Rhoda or Emily come back. Next out was Galena. She too was responsive and submissive.

Once Galena was put away we brought Marika out to hand graze a bit. This was the very first time her colt has been outside and on grass.
 Also his first time to try those long legs out and it was funny watching him learn to run.

Marika enjoyed the grass but also was glad to get back to the stall to rest. This evening her bandage was removed, the stall picked and both water buckets filled before leaving them for the weekend. Mark finished the mowing around here then went swimming to clean off. The lake water was pretty cool. Mom is now down to just one puppy and Molly. The mares were teased and only Sangria is showing. Sangria will need to be sonagrammed early next week as she is booked for Chery Thompson's Andalusian stallion Neo who is pictured below. We know we will get a gray with this pairing and are hoping for a filly.

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