Saturday, July 9, 2016

Working Day Here

No playing around this morning or afternoon, today was a working day. Nick came to help Mark with the mowing and moving concrete. By late this afternoon the outside looked great. All the mowing, weed whacking, and spraying was done.

Jewel and her filly were turned out with Indy, Sangria and their fillies. I spent a few minutes watching the silly foals. They were so curious about Jewel's 5 day old filly and she was curious about them but each time they would get close they would whirl and run back to mom. Indy's filly finally got brave enough to sniff noses until Jewel decided enough was enough and ran her off. By late this evening the 3 mares were all out grazing together.
Karin came to work horses but by the time I arrived with the camera she was almost finished with Rosaleigh.
Karin was very pleased with how quiet and well behaved she was. Karin remarked, "everytime Rhoda works her the next time I do she is excellent." "Rhoda must be some kind of horse whisperer!" Yep, we knew Rhoda was talented and she is coming tomorrow. Hopefully she will have a few minutes to put into Rosaleigh. Galena was the last mare worked with today. Karin wanted to work with the bridle and bit so she could work on backing Galena. Galena had a habit of throwing her head up when asked to back. Karin round penned her with one loose rein attached from the bit to the surcingle. It was just enough for Galena to feel bit pressure and by the time Karin was finished with her she was backing quietly and absolutely no head tossing. I love this training method. 

to see the rest of the Galena's training session today click HERE.
We had a full day working outside. Mark took his golf cart over to mom's for a quick swim this evening to cool off while mom, Sarah Reinhard, Diane and I visited watching from mom's balcony. Tomorrow is Mark and Anna's birthday and the kids are coming for dinner plus it is my turn to get Nancy so I'll have to have the house cleaned before I leave for Morton. I'd better head to bed NOW.

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