Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Senior Lunch Bunch

I went out early this morning to get everything done before the walk. Patty's paddock got a new bale, Rosaleigh was teased and when she showed covered, and Eliza & her colt were taken into the barn for feeding. The rest of the horses were fed before going back inside to cook breakfast for Mark. He  loaded the golf cart tire in the car. It was leaking air through the sidewall from dry rot so we made the decision to take it to Mike Rieker's place East Peoria Tire in hopes they could put a tube in and we could continue using it. As we were getting ready to walk we had to check out the packing job done by Karin, Rachel, Jessica, Anni and Hannah who were all getting ready to leave for their trip to Current River. They had the car packed, the trailer hooked up and were strapping down a full to the brim with food topper for this trip. Rachel said Karin packed enough food to stay a couple weeks. When we heard the Sauder boys were joining them we agreed with Karin, one needs a couple weeks worth of food to last for 6 days when the Sauder boys are along.  No pictures yet from them so they may not have internet.
We had an interesting day at the Berean office with the computer. To read about that click HERE. Once we finished the last label of the day I drove to Bob Evan's to join the senior lunch bunch for lunch.

Did you notice they weren't all seniors? These people are so nice they don't even care if we crash their party.  From there I drove to East Peoria to drop off the golf cart tire. Jim Rieker took the tire, told me they would fix it right away. After the tire was repaired and back in the car I drove to Big R in Pekin to pick up another 12 bags of grain then over to Aldi for a few groceries. The horses were all waiting at the gate watching me unload the grain just hoping they would get an extra feeding but the only mare taken out and fed was Eliza again. From there I went over to mom's to snap green beans then to our garden to pick some tomatoes all for our dinner tonight.
Mark drove to church. David Obgerfel had the service. We are SO blessed. I mentioned today to someone that I am rich but I really should have said blessed. I'm not speaking monetarily but in every other aspect of life here from the beautiful morning sitting on the front porch with my Bible and a cup of coffee to the ending of the day in church listening to gifted speakers explain the Scriptures. Yes I am blessed and so very thankful.

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