Saturday, July 16, 2016

Getting Ready for Vacation

Our morning was deliciously cool, a beautiful day for a trail ride. After the walk, Zalena's filly, Adara was taken into the barn for treatment. Her neck looked much better today. Jaclyn hot packed it and we were pleased to find Adara tolerating today's treatment way better than yesterday. It must not be very painful any more. Rhoda arrived just as we were finishing up. The girls decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go riding. Emily tacked up Jenis, Rhoda tacked up Galena and then helped Jaclyn with Ribbon.
 /Below they are heading out to the arena. Eliza and her colt were loose giving Eliza some grazing time on the good grass. The colt was so curious about the three mares going out. He started walking into the barn then quick had to turn around and stare.
 He followed the mares right out to the arena. Rhoda had me lock him out or he would have been in the way. What a funny colt.
 He wasn't happy when he was locked out so took off running to his mom. 
 He kept turning to look at the riders. 

Once the mares were warmed up they headed out to the trails.
to see the rest of the pictures of this ride click HERE. After the ride Rhoda, Emily and Jaclyn decided to go shopping with me but we made a couple pit stops before we ever arrived at any stores. Our first stop was to David and Stephanie's house to drop off the bike rack for the trip. David showed us his painting project then let us eat some of his delicious orange tomatoes right off his vines. Our next stop was to Pretty Princess Nails for pedicures. Rhoda insisted that my toes get cleaned up before this vacation. She may have been right to insist. When my feet came out of the water that poor lady that was going to work on them looked shocked or maybe that was disgusted. Some of the toenails are black and blue from working with the foals. Her reaction had the girls chuckling. At least today they didn't need to bring out the power tools. Our next stop was Sam's club for a big prime rib, lots of fruit, dog food and brand new tennis shoes to go with my brand new cleaned, filed and sanded toes. Jaclyn also had to buy a new pair of flip flops, the funny looking things she was wearing from the pedicure people broke. She grabbed a box of flip flops, put them on then carried the box to the check out to buy them. The checkout clerk opened the box and exclaimed, "it's empty!" I think it would have been more funny if Jaclyn would have placed the broken funny looking slippers in the box instead of the garbage. That clerk would have really been confused, thinking, "what in the world IS this?" Our last stop of the day was to Aldi for the rest of the groceries for our trip. 
Once home Ribbon got her shot of medicine by Jaclyn then Prissy was teased. She is now out and marked down. Galena was teased and covered. Emily stopped at her mom's house and brought back 3 bags of sweet corn right off the garden. Mark and I had some for supper then sent the rest to Joan's. She, her children and grand children are heading to Middle Grove to camp with the rest of the family tonight so she husked and cooked the corn for the group. Joan took their motor home got probably less than a mile down the road when the motor home started shuddering. She was able to turn it around at the water tower and got it into the driveway before the disaster struck. A bar that was turning the wheels fell off and was digging into the drive. She was able to back the motor home then Mark was going to pull it up the hill with the tractor but the motor home was too big to make the sharp turn at the bottom of the drive. Joan got some rope out and tied the bar up so Mark could pull her out going forward with the tractor. 

 The kids all thought it was a grand adventure. Joan left it at the circle drive so it could be towed easily. 
She got the van, Spark and Rhonda had an extra camper so they loaded the food up into the van and took off for Middle Grove only an hour late. We leave in a few hours for our annual vacation at  Diamond Lake in Michigan. 

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