Monday, July 4, 2016


Jewel delivered a filly at 1:40 am this Independence Day. This is the 3rd foal we have had born on the 4th of July so she will need a special name. We already have an Indy and named Walker Sally's filly Liberty so I am open to suggestions.
Her little ear was smashed flat against her head when in the womb, this will straighten out pretty quickly. She is already flipping it up and back listening when I talk. 
She is very friendly and sweet. Jewel is such a good mom.

I left the barn at 2:45 am, by the time I left she was up but had not yet nursed. She was rooting around in the right place though. The light was left on and the golf cart driven back to the house. That bed never felt so good. The placenta was delivered this morning around 7:15 and the baby passed a lot of meconium. She is nursing well and strong for being early. She has a HUGE long thick tail. This filly is going to be another superstar like her siblings.

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