Saturday, July 2, 2016

Giant Goose Ranch

Karin and I were asked to bring ponies for the big 4th of July picnic at the Giant Goose Ranch this afternoon. When rain moved in earlier than expected we thought the ponies might be called off but the weather report was pretty good for later. All of the grand children came today but Ben and Taunya's came in the afternoon. This morning we had fun playing on the playground, we picked up a couple extra kids there, Mackenson and Berlica were over. We drove over to the cabin field on the golf cart to feed the horses there.

 Once the horses were fed the kids climbed back in and we took the cart over to see the alligator swamp that is now drained.

 I told the kids, the alligators must have all left and now it would be safe to swim in but no one wanted to, check it out in the picture below.
 The kids were fascinated looking at the empty retention pond 'alligator swamp'.
 Anni Davidovics designed a great scavenger hunt with an obstacle course in the barn. Below Lee is getting ready to use the rope swing.

 Rhoda was next
 Sarah went flying last. We were surprised at how high the swing went. 
 We needed to leave before the scavenger hunt finished for the goose ranch. We loaded up Missy and Cookie and they were quite the hit. 

The line went on and on. We never had a break.
We were suppose to stay until 8:00 pm but at 7:33 pm someone let off a huge fire cracker, scared Missy and Cookie and they took off at a run. Thankfully no one fell off and we were able to stop them before they knocked down the wire and ran into the crowd. At that point we ran the horses into the trailer, took down the round pen and were on our way out by 7:40 pm. We felt bad about all the people still in line but just couldn't take a chance on someone getting hurt because horses and fireworks just don't go together. I have hundreds of pictures to post of the riders at the goose ranch but they will have to be posted tomorrow. It is just too late tonight.

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