Thursday, July 14, 2016

Unexpected Abscess

 Jaclyn got here before the chores had been finished at 8:30 am so even before breakfast we brought Galena out and covered by Valiant. She is still in and stood well.
Tomorrow morning we plan on covering Patty if she is still in. The place is pretty muddy after our 2 inch rainfall yesterday so Galena was bribed with grain so we didn't have to walk in the mud to bring her out. Once breakfast was done we loaded up Ella pony then took the golf cart over to pick up Sheena and her colt. I was pleased with that colt, he walked right up into the trailer even though this was the first time he had been loaded. We drove to Middle Grove to drop them off and pick up Ripper for training. Ella was so happy to be back she took off at a gallop with Sheena and her colt following.
 Sheena ran right to the big wallowing puddle and quickly dropped to roll. She too was happy to be back. 
 Her colt was not sure what was going on, he had never been off the farm and this place was all new to him. 
It didn't take them long to find the herd. The herd came galloping up then stopped at the wetlands for cooling off. Ella couldn't wait to get in the water and was joined by Whitney. 

I was taking pictures of the foals across the wet land when I noticed a lump on Zalena's filly's neck. Below is Star's filly, Zalena's filly and Soul's filly.
 Joanna, Lily's filly came right up to greet us. 
 Ayanna's colt is extra friendly, he likes hugs. 
 Below is Star's filly, she is more shy but curious and also came up to greet us. This filly has the mega hair. Check out her mane at just 3 and a half months old.
 Below is Lola's filly April. She is maturing beautifully and will be quite the looker when that faded foal coat sheds. She is also very friendly and enjoys being petted. 
Zalena was halted then she and her filly taken down to the trailer. Adara, her filly didn't want to load up the ramp and it took a few minutes to encourage her to get in with her mom. By this time Jaclyn and I were hot and more than ready to stop at Bs for an ice cream cone. Once we got home Zalena and Adara were stalled, Adara haltered and tied so hot towels could be placed on the abscess.

 The amount of pus that came out was amazing. She felt much better once Jaclyn had drained it. 
She was given 3cc's of sulpha then both were taken outside to the last paddock. Adara will need to be treated every day until this heals. We do not know what caused the abscess but more than likely a thorn. She probably was scratching on one of the locust trees at Middle Grove and they have nasty thorns.  Only after Adara was cared for did we get our lunch then it was right back up at the barn to give Ribbon her 60cc's of Gentamicin. Jaclyn gave that IV again instead of IM. This was the 4th day of Ribbon receiving that much hopefully we will see improvement soon. Our next job was to move a log off the drive with the tractor. During the storm yesterday we had a lot of trees and branches fall and this one landed too close to the drive. The bucket was used to push the log up against the tree line.
Later Joan brought over her chain saw and her children to clean up mom's yard of branches and the driveway.
The bucket was taken off and the bale spear put on the tractor so we could move a bale in Ribbon's paddock. After supper Mark took the tractor and graded the driveways. Each time it rains the gravel runs down the road and holes appear in the drive. The grader brings the gravel back up and fills in the holes. It's a pretty amazing machine.
My next job was the dreaded grocery shopping. We are leaving Saturday for a week at Ken Hoerr's lake house at Diamond Lake in Michigan. There are no mega stores any where near there so the bulk of the groceries for all 19 of us Sceggels going must be purchased and hauled to the house. The meat and 2 gallons of drinking water were taken over to Joan's freezer as she had room. We will need to take the big cooler with us. Rhoda is coming tomorrow so hopefully I can send some with her.

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