Monday, July 18, 2016

Swan Attack

This morning David, Philip, Anna, Braelyn and I planned to go out on the boat for wakeboard. Yesterday the only boats taken out were the jet ski and the pontoon boat. David decided to try to wakeboard off the dock but when Philip tried to start the boat there was no power. Phil and Anna found the battery and discovered a loose connection AND the battery box was full of water. They were able to get the boat running but each time tried to drain the bilge the motor would stop. Ben had just the tools to work on the motor and Mark had the perfect charger and between the two fixed the boat. Just David and Anna wake boarded since the time was short. To see those pictures click HERE.
We made it back in time to cook breakfast then the fun schedule started for the day. Phil and Ben took their families out on the motor boat, just to make sure it was working well. When they got back we loaded up the pontoon and parked it at the sand bar for swimming. Sarah took Israel for a ride on the jet ski then brought it out to the sand bar for tubing. The first try for tubing was Addyson and Braelyn and they promptly got dumped face first. David took a turn then Sarah took Addyson with Anna driving the boat and that went great. The last ones to go was Braelyn and Sarah. We were pleased Braelyn was brave enough to climb back on after getting dumped face first.
This afternoon I took the jet ski out but when I decided to bring it back to the dock the cob (male) swan decided he didn't think I should park and decided to block the way so I took another swing around and when I thought he was far enough away came in kind of fast but that cob saw me coming from afar and swam then flew as fast as he could to cut me off. He was in attack mode for sure and only stopped coming when I faced him, yelled and waved my arms. This evening David and Stephanie made our delicious dinner then everyone headed into town for ice cream. When they all got back we started back with the games. We have been playing hours of bags, cards and other games and today Phil and Anna taught us a new one called slap ball or something like that. To see pictures of our day click HERE

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