Monday, July 11, 2016

Eliza and Ella PREGNANT!

We had a big day at the Horsemeister farm today. Jaclyn Hoerr is here for a couple weeks to work with the horses. She is a vet student in Scotland and needed to work on a horse farm for 2 weeks. Aren't we the lucky ones! Karin gave her a lesson in round penning today, using 2 different types of mares. First out was Galena. Galena is a very auditory mare.

Above Karin is showing Jaclyn what she is working with and below Jaclyn is trying it out and is successful.  
 Rosaleigh was the next mare out. Rosaleigh was not a submissive mare like Galena. She is learning that Karin is the boss and not her. Karin explained the difference in the mares and how she modified her training to fit each mare. Karin is really an excellent teacher.
 These mares were finished up around 11:00 am but it was just too hot and humid to work more. We decided a swim break was in order but just as we finished our tall glass of ice water Dr. Hoerr sent a text that he was on the way. We brought Eliza and her colt over from the cabin field and put them in a stall. It was so hot by this time the barn air conditioner was turned on. The outside mare Patty was brought inside along with Ella. Galena, Jenis and Rosaleigh were all in paddocks next to the barn. We had a long list today for Dr. Hoerr. The first mare done was Marika. Dr. Hoerr checked over her C section incision and removed the staples. Marika didn't move a muscle the entire time Dr. Hoerr worked on her. He really was impressed and even mentioned what a good mare this one is.
 The next mare done was Kathy's mare Patty. Patty has been here for 3 weeks but no sign of her coming into season. She had an older CL so we know she is cycling but she was not in season right now. She had 2 follicles on one of her ovaries, a 20 and a 35 mm so Dr. Hoerr felt we should give her a shot and short cycle her. He believes she will be ready to tease tomorrow and cover on Wednesday.
 Ella was next. I really didn't expect her to be pregnant. I only got her covered twice then quit teasing her as Evan got so busy, so had no idea when she went out.
 She settled! Ella is due May 28th, 2017 below is the embryonic vesicle. 
 Eliza was next, she was bred back to Valiant as her colt by Valiant is so spectacular. 
 She too settled. Eliza is due June 4th, 2017.
 Karin brought Galena in for her ultrasound. Now Galena was spending time over by Valiant this morning so I thought she probably was coming into season and sure enough she is. She has a 45 mm follicle and will need to be covered tomorrow morning. 
 Jenis was the last mare to be sonagrammed and we got the good news that her uterus is clean and looks great. She should be coming into season in a couple weeks and will be bred to Evan. Sure hope she will settle. 
 The last mare we wanted Dr. Hoerr to look at was Ribbon. Ribbon has had a snot coming out of just the right nostril for the past 3 weeks and last Monday was cranky. It is not normal for Ribbon to be cranky so we knew she wasn't feeling well. She has a sinus infection which will need to be treated for the next couple weeks. Each day she will get 60 ccs of Gentamiacin to clear this up. As Jaclyn is here to learn she was given the job of giving the shots each day. 
 Above and below she is getting instructions from Dr. Hoerr as to where and how to give it. 
By this time it was after 1:00 pm so Karin, Jaclyn, Dr. Hoerr and I headed down to the house to eat leftovers for lunch. After lunch Jaclyn and Karin went swimming while I drove to Pekin to Big R for 15 bags of grain and 1 bag of shredded beet pulp. Aldi is right next door so of course I had to stop there and picked up $130.00 worth of groceries. Our car is a little Prius and it was stuffed to the top. Jacyln helped unload the grain then left for the day. The groceries were unloaded and put away and then it was time to sit with a cold refreshing ice cream shake to try to cool off before dinner needed to be cooked.  Emily brought some riders out this evening but I was too busy preparing the dinner for tomorrows workers at the Berean office to get pictures. Emily took care of Marika this evening.

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