Friday, July 22, 2016

Thursday's Happenings

Another day late post but to be honest it really isn't my fault, the computer is not available much of the day and when it is getting on the internet is a struggle. Right now the sky is just beginning to lighten with pink and purple tinging the heavens.
Yesterday after the first 3 pots of coffee were made (we make 4 each day 3 regular and 1 decaf) I went outside to capture the beauty of the sunrise.
 Watching the colors change from pretty pink and purple to gold is such a delight to the eyes.
 We got a little later start on the wake boarding. Below is Anna skidding along the water.
David was the only other boarder this morning. Ben drove the boat, Sarah came along for the ride along with Addyson, Braelyn and Taegan but no pictures of the girls.

 As both Mark and I got too much sun yesterday we decided to drive the 35 minutes to visit Notre Dame. Our first stop was the famous grotto
 The amount of gold on and in the buildings is down right amazing.
 We went inside the sanctuary but of course didn't take any pictures there. I've never seen such beautiful stained glass windows and so much gold. The sanctuary is huge and very very ornate. 
The grounds are also beautifully kept, lots of flowers, statues and a lake filled with water fowl by some of the buildings. While we were gone the kids and grandkids spent the morning at the beach swimming and playing games. They swam out to the raft and took turns jumping off. We all made it back for lunch. Sarah and Nolan decided to brave the swan and take the jet ski out for tubing. It is funny how that cob guards the dock. It is fine to leave but don't even think about bringing that jet ski back.

 Anna made our delicious dinner tonight then after dinner they took the kids to a park with a playground while Ben stayed back and designed an obstacle course.
 The kids had a ball, lots of tears if they touched the grass and had to go back but lots of delight when they made it all the way with a clear round.
Rhoda and Lee served home baked apple pie and ice cream later. The kids were put to bed and the visiting went on long into the night. There is not much sweeter than parents hearing and seeing their adult children enjoying each other. We are having a wonderful refreshing time and are so very thankful. If you would like to see more pictures of our Thursday check out Mark's Facebook page.

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