Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rhoda Rides Rosaleigh

Right after the walk dark clouds were gathering in the west and this gathering was not quiet. We could hear the grumbling and rumbling of thunder off in the distance. Rhoda said she was on the way and I was hopeful she would arrive before the storm but after a few minutes of watching I realized she was not going to make it here before the storm so decided to bring Jewel and her 3 day old filly inside along with Jenis. Before I could make it back from the barn the rain started. Rhoda arrived right in the midst of the storm. We no longer have a rain gauge but if I was to guess we probably got over an inch of rain. Since we couldn't work outside with the horses Rhoda decided all three dogs needed baths. Darcy, Emma and Ruby all got cleaned up and fluffy. Well Darcy and Ruby were fluffy, Emma's coat doesn't fluff. The rain stopped before noon giving us a chance to take Marika and her 12 day old colt by Valiant outside for a few pictures.

He is quite a character! He likes to taste everything and everything goes right in his mouth. He had a ball galloping around outside while Marika grazed. To see the rest of his pictures click HERE.
Next out was Jewel and her 3 day old filly by Evan. She is a curious bold filly wanting to check out Rhoda's puppy Ruby.

This filly also really likes people and loves hugs. 
To see the rest of her pictures click HERE. Once they were put away we took a break for lunch. After lunch we took Indy out to tease to Evan but she said no. Indy, her filly, Sangria and her filly were put in the pasture behind Valiant's paddock to graze. That pasture is looking great but I'm afraid to put Valiant out in it as long as we have mares that are not bred in the pasture that adjoins his. They were moved after a couple hours back into the middle paddock. Rhoda still had a few minutes to work with Rosaleigh before she needed to leave for home. This mare sometimes has an attitude that needs adjusting.
 We thought today might be that day with her tossing her mega mane around.

But she actually surprised us with how well she did for mounting, bending and turning. 

 Rhoda finished her session with asking for the bow. 
By this time Mark was home and Rhoda needed to leave for Bloomington. After supper, Marika and her colt were moved across the aisle to the other stall and hers cleaned and made ready for morning. Emily came out to visit while that was being done. She reported she got the arena weeds sprayed yesterday.

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