Monday, July 25, 2016

Miracle Steer

Karin and Emily took the truck and stock trailer over to Gary Unsicker's farm, loaded up his bull and took it to John's place in Farmington. Funny story about John's cows. He bought the first 2 pregnant heifers at a sale and they are as wild as can be. Each of these had heifers. John got the bull from Wild Life Prairie park and that bull bred all 4 of those cows and John was pleased to see at last he got a bull calf to raise up for meat but because the bull from Wild Life Prairie park now had daughters John sold that bull so needed to borrow a bull. Remember John's cows are still pretty wild for the rest of this story. They had help changing that bull calf into a steer then this year got it into the feeding pen to start fattening it up which was working well. That steer kept getting fatter and fatter then yesterday (thankfully BEFORE they took it to be butchered) that steer gave birth to a heifer calf. They had been fattening the WRONG cow! I guess he is going to have to wait a bit longer to stock his freezer with that home raised beef.
Right after our walk Eliza was brought inside the barn for her feed, the stalls were cleaned the stall and barn doors left open in hopes that once Eliza finished her grain she would go out to graze. Sangria was taken out and teased and again we were disappointed to see she was out. That is the 3rd cycle that has passed and we haven't covered her even once. She was suppose to be taken to Chery Thompson's Andalusian stallion Neo but we can't seem to catch her at the right time. She would have needed to be taken there on Saturday but we were in Michigan and Neo was at a horse show.  I may need to give up on that and just breed her to Valiant again. After that I took off for Meister's to make a deposit and pay a few bills. From there Sam's Club needed to be visited to restock a few items in the fridge which seemed very empty after our week at the Lake House. There we were feeding 19 people 3 meals a day plus snacks and the fridge was full, the freezer was full the cupboards were full and so was the pantry. It was 11:30 am by the time I got back. Eliza was waiting in the circle drive and since it was near noon she was taken back into the stall for her noon grain. Eliza loses WAY to much weight when nursing and last weeks heat didn't help that at all. Emily picked up a weight building supplement this afternoon and Eliza was started on that but she decided she doesn't like it. Tomorrow I'll mix it better we don't want her skipping any meals.
The teasing of the mares was next. Jewel said no, Indy said no, Jenis said no but Rosaleigh said maybe then ok, so I think she is just coming in. She was covered by Evan and stood well.

A foal out of Rosaleigh by Evan will for sure inherit the mega hair. Rosaleigh is a tall mare with great movement so if we can get her pregnant the foal will be amazing! This evening Indy went over to talk to Evan so she may be coming in and will be teased again tomorrow.
Jaclyn came over to fill out some paper work. It was good to hear everything she did while we were gone. She took care of everything very well. Karin stopped in to tell her she would take her riding once it cools down a bit.
Dennis and Gertie came over this evening bringing their wonderful riding lawn mower. Dennis promptly jumped on started mowing our jungle of a yard. Mark used his old walk behind and between the two guys mowing they were done in an hour. Emily mowed once while we were gone but with the rain and heat the yard was way over grown.
Dennis and Gertie stayed for dinner and we had a nice visit. This evening Eliza was taken back into the stall for her grain. She ate the top layer but wouldn't even taste the bottom layer which is where the fat building supplement ended up. I left her in for an hour then took her back out to the other mares.

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