Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Taegan IS a Hero

We had quite a scare today, more on that later. This morning sun rose into a sky perfectly clear, the lake was perfect for wakeboarding smooth as glass.

 We made it back in for breakfast at 8:30 am then discussed our plans for the rest of the day. We decided to take the grand children to the beach down by the marina so some of us walked and some of us rode in vans. The beach was perfect for the children. The water stayed shallow a long way.

To see the rest of the beach pictures click HERE. We walked back for lunch then took the jet ski out for tubing and more wake boarding.
To see the rest of the wake boarding and tubing pictures click HERE. Now for the very scary part of the day. Lee was tubing, Anna was driving the jet ski, Rhoda was the watcher and Taegan just got to go along for the ride. Lee decided to quit tubing and climbed on board the jet ski with the other three, just then the jet ski turned a little to sharp and dumped Lee, Rhoda and Anna leaving Taegan on all by herself with the motor still running. The three adults that were dumped in the water came up to the surface to see the jet ski moving with a 3 year old at the controls. Anna yelled, "Taegan pull the key!" and she DID, killing the motor. Below everyone is desperately swimming to the jet ski while Taegan looks for the key.
 In the picture below Taegan is holding the key, Anna made it to the jet ski and climbed on board so thankful Taegan knew how to pull the key.
 Below they are all coming back to the dock with a very proud little 3 year old girl and3 thankful adults.
This evening was fun. David had some fun songs playing while the kids danced while the brownies baked and the smell of fine chocolate permeated the house.
 After our treat of ice cream and warm brownies, the children were all bathed then David and Lee read the children bed time stories. 

 Below is Taegan cuddling with Sarah
 Below Kensley is fascinated with the ouchie on her daddy's foot.
 Everyone is now in bed all worn out from the activities on this absolutely beautiful day and I will be as soon as this is finished.

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