Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vet Visit

The plan is to take Sangria over to Chery Thompson's to be bred to her big 17 hand Andalusian stallion Neo so right after the walk Sangria and her filly were loaded and taken to Dr. Hoerr's for an ultrasound. I knew she was showing on Saturday and Sunday but wanted to make sure she was still in and ready to be bred.

 I was disappointed to find that she had devoped a pretty good size follicle but instead of ovulating it was absorbing back. She had a 42 mm follicle that was perfectly round and hard. Dr. Hoerr recommended giving her a shot of deslorelin which is a drug that will induce ovulation within 48 hours in mares to force that follicle into ovulating. Sangria was given the shot then taken home. Once home teased with Evan and she emphatically said "NO", with screaming and striking out. We decided to wait to take her until tomorrow to give the drug time to work. Hopefully she will start to show tonight. Not to brag or anything but Sangria's filly was so well behaved. She loaded nicely to take to the vet, unloaded with no fuss, stood tied while waiting for her mom to be done with everything then loaded up perfectly to go home. This filly is going to make someone very very happy. Did I mention she is for sale? Kind of hard to find this quality for only $5000.00.
We had bright sunshine so before the day heated up Marika and her colt were taken out for a few pictures. Marika will be on stall rest for at least 2 more weeks and the colt could hardly believe his luck once outside. He galloped and galloped.
 Then would run over to mom and flop down for a rest. 
 Within minutes he would be up and galloping again. 
They were taken back in after about 15 minutes. That black coat was soaking up the sunshine quickly and I didn't want him to become over heated.
Jewel's filly's cord was iodined and she was played with a bit in the stall but they were not taken outside. It just became too hot.
Amy brought over her cousin Tracy from the state of Washington to see the foals. Tracy is here for a visit before she and Amy head down to Missouri to a family reunion. We took the golf cart over to visit a bit with mom and Joan before Amy and Tracy had to leave.
This evening Mark and I took a quick dip in Diane's pond to cool off. The water was frigid. I'm heading over to the barn to fill water buckets and clean the stalls for the last time today then heading to bed.

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