Saturday, July 30, 2016

Indy Out

We had another cool morning making it easy to tease mares. Indy was showing a little but since she was covered yesterday I decided to wait until tonight, tease her again and see if she would be out and by this evening she was.
Today Mark and I replaced a broken gate while Emily and her sister Laura worked on broken boards and automatic waterers. Behind Emily is Rosaleigh.

Once they finished with that they fixed the wire that was down between Valiant's pasture and the mare pasture.  The gate below was one of the original gates I bought in 2003 when I didn't realize we needed the heavy duty red gates.
Back then I thought a gate was a gate but not when we are dealing with Ribbon the Rhino and other big mares that like to lean. We hauled it out of the paddock then went to the cabin field where Mike had replaced a 12 foot green gate with 2 big red gates. That green gate is not in the best shape with some rust but still should last a few years.  Once the green gate was hung the horses were let back out into the pond pasture. Shelby and Margie Shick's daughter came to ride Missy and Cookie.

 After the ride they hosed down both horses then took them back to the cabin field. 
It was Karin's idea to keep these two mares here all summer. We should have plenty of hay this year so we don't mind feeding them here as long as they are being used.
Rachel posted a couple more pictures of the group down at Current River.
 Above a couple of the campers are trout fishing and below Anni is bringing home the next meal. Looks like they are having a great time. The water there is spring fed and always cold making it perfect to raise trout and perfect to cool off during those hot Missouri summers. 

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