Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Swan Attacks

We awoke to another beautiful day Wednesday. This blog is posted just one day late as yesterday was too crowded with fun and I was just too busy to sit at the computer. The lake was smooth and perfect for wake boarding. There were 3 wake boarders today, David, Anna and Phil.

To see more pictures of David wake boarding click HERE.

To see more pictures of Anna wake boarding click HERE.

After breakfast some of us drove and some hiked down to the beach where we spent the rest of the morning and some of the afternoon swimming and playing games. 

After lunch the jet ski was taken out and today was the day for swan attacks. This cob swan and his family of 4 cygnets and his pen have taken up residence at a beach just 2 down from Ken Hoerr's place where we are staying. Each time the jet ski is taken out or coming back in and the family is home the cob thinks it is his job to chase that machine off the property.
 Below he is attacking Sarah and Jace. Jace in is cute small voice says, "it's ok Sarah, I'm not scared." Sarah was!

 To see more of the swan attack on Sarah click here.
 Later Anna took turns giving the grand children rides on the jet ski
 and each time had to figure out how to get out on the lake or back to the dock without being attacked.
 Rhoda and Lee were the last ones out for the day. To get back in to the dock they had to get the swan to follow them over to the neighbors who just happened to be taking their jet ski out. Quickly Lee took off and the cob swan took off after the poor neighbor who was yelling and screaming, "get away, get away!"
Sarah and Nolan cooked our delicious dinner tonight. In the evening Ben came up with lots of activities for the children and kept them all active until bedtime with pyramid building, sack races and lots of other games until bed time.

To see the rest of today's pictures click HERE. Once the grandchildren were all in bed we watched a movie which ended well after 10:00 pm. I will have to take a nap today!

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