Friday, July 22, 2016

Fantastic Fun Friday

I thought yesterday's sunrise was pretty spectacular but that one had nothing on this morning's sunrise. We looked outside and saw the entire sky a dark red.
 That red turned to a beautiful bright shining gold when the sun finally burst through.
 Jace and Addyson came out to watch the sky change colors with me.
 The lake was calm and just perfect for wakeboarding. Philip went first, check out his reflection. To see the rest of Philip's wake boarding pictures from today click HERE.
 Jace, Addyson, Braelyn, Taegan and Jack came with us on the boat this morning.
 David had some big jumps and huge falls.
 To see the rest of David's wake boarding pictures click HERE. Anna had some big jumps today and a few falls. To see the rest of her pictures from today click HERE.
 We made it back for our usual 9:00 am breakfast then took the pontoon boat out to the sand bar.
Sarah went wake boarding with the jet ski which Nolan drove. To see the rest of today's pictures click HERE.
After lunch and after naps the kids were all taken down to the beach where they had a lot of fun. No pictures of that, Mark and I stayed inside where it was nice and cool. Today was Phil and Anna's date night but Mark and I decided to go on one too and drove to a small town for a meal at Zeke's. We both got the special which was all the Alaskan pollock we could eat with the salad bar and a cup of clam chowder. All for $9.95. The first portion was so big we did not finish even half of what was given and asked to take the rest home. The salad bar was really good. The town is holding a big market day tomorrow and there is going to be camel rides. We may come back for that on Saturday.
Nolan, Lee and David went to a Peoria Chief's game tonight. They just happen to be playing in a town near here. The game was sold out but they went hoping a few tickets would become available. Nolan sent the picture below with them in seats so they must have been able to get tickets.
This evening Rhoda, Sarah and Stephanie took all 7 of the grand kids to a park then brought them back here for more games. All are tired, too much sun, too much fun make us all ready for bed.

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