Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Galena, Patty, Prissy In

When it rains it pours and I'm not speaking of the drops of rain but of mares all coming into season on the SAME DAY. We have been waiting for Prissy to show and today after waiting over a month she shows but Valiant was used on Galena this afternoon and tomorrow morning needs to be used on Patty, Kathy's mare here to be bred. Hopefully Prissy will hold off a bit. Jewel should also be coming in but wasn't teased today. And we are still waiting for Indy, Jenis and Rosaleigh. Both boys had a couple weeks off but both hopefully will be busy this next week.
We had a tenth of an inch of rain this morning before the walk and there is more rain predicted tonight.
Jaclyn and I left for the Berean office at 8:15 am and had a very very busy morning and afternoon there. To read about our day there click HERE. We had an unexpected but welcome surprise today there.
As soon as we got home Galena was covered by Valiant and then it was time to tease the mares. Emily did the stalls then worked Valiant. Jaclyn gave Ribbon her shot and already her nostril looks much better. There wasn't much discharge at all today.
This evening Mike called that Eliza wasn't eating her grain. She was taken over, hosed off then brought into the stall for observation. I think she had something stuck in her esophagus, she was curling her lip and not swallowing. I squirted some water way back and watched her swallow and what ever was there must have been dislodged she went right over to the bucket and started eating her grain. This evening she was given Valiant's pasture. The grass is thick, lush and long as Valiant has been locked off since he broke a wire a couple months ago. The grass will be good for Eliza and her colt.

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