Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Finally Indy

Today was Berean day. I was not sure exactly what to expect after missing a week but Joan and Ruth had done a wonderful job keeping everything going and looking good. To read about our very productive day there click HERE.
When I got home Eliza and her colt were brought in for her extra feeding then mares teased. I noticed Indy had been hanging down by Evan yesterday but when she was teased yesterday she did not show. Today she showed and was covered. Indy loves the water and today was over heated so hosed off. If she was at Middle Grove she would be spending a lot of time in the lakes and ponds there but she can't go there until she is confirmed in foal. Today for the first time since her foal heat she showed!

Rosaleigh, Jenis and Jewel all should have been teased but all 3 of those also need to be covered by Evan so were skipped. Tomorrow morning Rosaleigh will be teased and hopefully covered.
Tomorrow morning Patty, the outside mare will need a new round bale. This evening Mark got the flat tire off the golf cart and put some air in it but I was not able to find any leaks. The tire was filled to 24.5 and left off. If it is flat tomorrow I'll take it in to Frenches.

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