Friday, July 8, 2016

More Visitors

This morning I needed to do a LOT of praying. Today was the dreaded day to reconcile the Horsemeister check book and it hadn't been done for 2 months. That turned out to be not near as bad as expected, in fact I found a mistake where Dr. Hoerr was paid twice for Eliza's colt way back in May! That will save us $236.00.
We had the morning group cancel for today but the afternoon group showed up in force. Cathie Trent brought out a bunch of her Bridlewood families to see the foals and enjoy the lake. The foals were first on the to do list.
 Marika's colt is almost too friendly. He has to get right up in their faces and tries to nibble. 
 Below Cathie is holding him back, he had decided to walk out into the aisle with everyone. 
 Next we crossed the aisle into Jewel's stall to see her 4 day old filly.

 This filly too is extremely friendly and loves attention, but thankfully she did not try to nibble on the guests like Marika's colt. 
 Once we were done with the foals, we migrated out to the outdoor arena and Evan was brought out to show off his moves. It was too hot for him to want to run and buck much. He showed off his tricks then I let him graze for being such a good boy. We still have no work for him. We are waiting for Indy to show and that hasn't happened yet. After visiting the horses the guests drove over to Diane's pond but decided that water was just too cold so walked over to mom's lake. There they joined the group that was already swimming, Anni, Rebekah, Jordan, Karin, Hannah, Faith, Mackenson and Berlica.

Everyone had a great time. The weather was perfect for swimming and the lake was perfect for swimming in!  This evening Mark is out working with the scraper on the driveways. With the hard rain yesterday we had some wash-outs. This evening mom, Mark and I took Molly, Teddy and Emma for a walk until dark.

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