Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2 Inches

We had a storm come through early this morning that dumped an inch and a half of rain. The pond overflow was running full force with the sound of rushing waters. Our walk was canceled so I left early for Berean. To read about my morning there click HERE. I left there at noon and drove straight to Dr. Hoerr's office in Morton, IL to pick up Ribbon's Gentamicin then home arriving here around 1:15 pm. Jaclyn and Karin teased mares this morning and got the outside mare, Patty, covered by Valiant. Galena and Prissy are still showing but Jewel and Indy are not. Karin and Jaclyn then took Galena and Ribbon out on the trails. It was obvious to them that Ribbon still isn't feeling the best. Karin said that Galena was a bit squirley on the way out as they passed Valiant's paddock but walked through the creeks with no problem then was about perfect on the way back. Jaclyn fed all the horses before I got back. With the rain storm this morning all the buckets needed to be dumped.
We had a late lunch before heading up to the barn to clean the stalls. We decided to bring Marika and her 18 day old colt outside for a bit to let the colt stretch his legs and wow did he ever. He galloped around like a crazy colt while Jaclyn let Marika graze.

Another storm came through this afternoon. This one had high winds and lightning but only dropped a half inch of rain so today we got an amazing amount of 2 inches. The fields are growing. Looks like we are going to get a good second cutting of hay. Mark drove Diane, mom and I to church tonight. Mike Rieker had the service. It was good to be there. Right now I need to head back up to the barn and move Marika and her colt into the other stall that has two full water buckets, is clean and has a fresh pile of hay for the night.

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