Monday, April 10, 2017

Playing Fillies

No walk this morning, we were in the middle of quite a storm. By the time it was over we had big puddles. The horses were fed then it was time to work inside doing dishes, laundry and cooking. Just a typical Monday. We had quite a hail storm this afternoon. I didn't take any pictures or video but Nathan did at the goose ranch.
Hadassah is still showing but probably going out so wasn't covered. This evening as I was taking the garbage over to the dumpster I had to stop and snap a few pictures of the horses. Below is Lola who is due next. She has a full udder but no waxing so will be left out in the field tonight.
The 2 fillies were playing together for the first time. Anna's filly would run up the hill then as Hadassah's filly would start up the hill she would gallop back to mom.

So cute to watch. The phone just doesn't capture the action very well but there was no time to run back to the house to get the camera, the light was fading fast. Rhoda sent a text asking to see a picture of the puppies. Rizzy had just finished nursing them and had gone out so I snapped the picture above with my phone and sent her the picture in a text.
She wrote back, "They all look perfectly fat and healthy." I agree, they are all growing well. Rizzy is doing a great job as a first time mom.
Lightbox had stopped working on the website and Mark just discovered it is no longer working on the blog either. There must be a flaw in the program. Google takes care of the blog so I can't do anything about that but when Philip gets back from Dallas, TX perhaps we can start changing the website over to the professional one. That is such a big job I'm dreading the hours that is going to take, there are over 100 pages in the Horsemeister website and I'm not really willing to give up any of them.

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