Monday, April 24, 2017

Middle Grove Trip

The car needed to be taken in for an alignment this morning. I was suppose to take it to East Peoria Tire and Vulcanizing but that office called and asked if I could take it to the Peoria store off Knoxville. That meant instead of heading to Big R's in Pekin I would go to Sam's Club after. As soon as I got back from there Zalena and her colt were taken into the stall and the colt's cord iodined again but thankfully it is dry and hard. That meant Zalena and her colt could be introduced to the mares and foals in the pond pasture.  Below Zalena is keeping him away from Tory's paddock, she doesn't want him anywhere near another mare yet.
He was having fun galloping around Zalena. 
 Soul's filly was fascinated by him, staring intently at this new half brother of hers. 
 Lola and her filly came up for attention while I was taking pictures. This filly is so friendly.
 Pretty soon the colt decided to give a big stretch then lay down. 
 Star's filly was napping in one of the shelters. She knows how to make herself comfortable in the hay. 
 She decided to get up and stretch before going down to the pasture. 
 Once that group of horses were all settled and grazing together Lily and her brand new colt were taken out of the stall for the first time and let loose in the field.
 Lily was keeping an eye out for anything dangerous before she could settle down to graze. 
Karin offered to meet me at Middle Grove this afternoon to pick up Whitney, Jewel, Ayanna and Ella. Whitney has an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday morning, Jewel and Ayanna are home to be bred and Ella is home to deliver. She isn't due though until the end of May but usually delivers early. Karin and I pulled up at the Middle Grove gate at the same time and started that long hike in. We chose the right path this time. The horses were found within 15 minutes. Missy was the first mare we saw. She is not really that color but has been rolling in a mud puddle to cool off. 
 About half the herd was drowsing in the sunshine and the other half was grazing under the trees. 
 Sangria was standing in the puddle splashing water up on her body. I think she was too lazy to lay down. Sangria has a big belly but isn't due until Sept 14th, 2017, she had colic surgery a few years back and now her belly is always big.
 Cookie was so clean she almost glows. She must not spend too much time in the puddles, perhaps she cools off by swimming in the lakes. 
 I think the two Friesian mares in the picture below are Eliza and Jenis, Foxy is coming up for attention. 
 Below is Rosaleigh and Roxanne both looking pregnant. Rosaleigh is due July 7th and Roxanne is due August 1st. Rosaleigh is easy to identify as she is the only Friesian mare with her mane hanging on the left side of her neck. The rest of the mare's manes hang on the right side. 
Studly loves to jump in the puddles at Middle Grove. 
 Karin led Whitney and Ella while I led Jewel and Ayanna. Foxy, Ripper and Oksana followed us all the way down to the trailer. Even after we loaded the horses up they didn't want to leave. Below Foxy is begging for attention.

Karin stayed and decided to work with Foxy first while I drove the trailer full of horses back to Hanna City. When I arrived Spark was there helping load manure for a couple men for their gardens. Right after they pulled away Phil arrived with the dump trailer so I jumped on the skid steer and loaded him up too. When I got back to the house THERE was the black horse. Mom had placed it on my patio.

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