Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dave & Lanae's Wedding

What an amazing Sunday. Today we celebrated the wedding of Dave Beutel and Lanae Christ.  Many people came from all over to witness this wedding. The Peoria church was full. Craig Stickling had the wedding service, Tim Funk married them and it seemed the entire church of people drove to the fellowship hall for the reception. Mark, mom and I went home first thinking we would allow all the out of town guests to go first. As we had a few hours to kill Arturo was taken out and tied at the wash rack. The portable water heater started to give him a quick bath except the water heater wouldn't work. Arturo was cleaned up the best I could without hot water then put away and just as I was walking back to the house Mark says, "I got the heater working, the propane attachment wasn't on right." Too late I wasn't going to start all over but I'm glad it wasn't anything serious. That water heater is just too valuable for cleaning off mud. After getting ourselves all cleaned up again and back in our church clothes we left for the reception arriving around 4:30 pm and the line was still all the way back to the door.
The fellowship hall had been decorated with a nautical theme and was beautiful but not as beautiful as the bride. We wish Dave and Lanae them the very best and pray for God's blessings on this marriage. When we arrived home the volleyball players were playing, a fire was going and Karin had brought Nancy to celebrate her birthday with a big juicy steak. Nancy was thrilled with the hat and even wore it home. 
Mark took Israel, Braelyn and Taegan fishing and let each kid pull up a fish. Those kids carried the bucket all the way up the hill to the fire to show us the fish before hauling them back down to the lake to let them go. Another great day!

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