Friday, April 28, 2017

Wood Burner

Brrr, with no working furnace the temperature in the house kept dropping and dropping. By afternoon it was down to about 62 degrees. Who would have thought we needed heat at the end of April. A snake crawled in our outside unit and fried the computer causing total failure of the heating system. We are still waiting for Trane to authorize our computer warranty replacement.  Mark split some kindling, brought in that and logs and we kept the wood burner going all night. Sure am thankful we don't have to rely on the furnace. With our old bones and the damp chilly temperatures outside we needed to have warmth inside. We really are getting old, at Baer we would have been thrilled to have an inside temperature of 62 degrees. We were not expecting rain last night or today so the horses with foals were turned back out, the stalls cleaned, the arena cleaned up and the gate fixed again. Lily knocked it off the hinge yesterday. Lily was turned out in the pond pasture with the other 4 mare and foal pairs. She wasn't happy and worked hard at keeping her colt away from the other horses. Zalena is in her foal heat and will not leave Evan alone, backing up to his fenceline. Thankful the electric fence is working well and Evan respects electricity. Jewel was covered  yesterday by Evan. Anna and Hadassah were brought over from the cabin field and put in Valiant's pasture (he is locked up in his paddock) for a couple hours so I could watch to see if Anna was in. She and Hadassah were not at all interested in being close to Valiant. Rhoda helped move them back over to the cabin. I'll try again in a couple days only the next time they are brought over the camera should be ready. Those mares had a ball galloping around showing off their foals to horses here.

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