Monday, April 3, 2017

The PUPPIES Arrived

 What a morning. I walked into Hadassah's stall to take them to the indoor arena before leaving for Chicago to deliver Arturo and found Hadassah's filly laying down shivering. I was able to get her up but she wouldn't nurse and by checking Hadassah's udder it was pretty obvious that she had not been nursing anytime soon. Dr. Hoerr was sent a text that I had a 2 day old sick filly and could I bring her in then the trailer bedded with straw for the trip. Mike came over to help load the filly into the stall while I led Hadassah. While all this was going on Sarah was calling to report that Rizzy was in labor and then the next message was 2 came out at ONCE! Rizzy had a set of TWINS. They came out in the same sack and shared one placenta. Below is a picture of the twins all cleaned up.
She went into labor at 7:30 am and by 8:30 am all 5 puppies were born and nursing well. 

These puppies are Cavapoos. They are for sale for only $950.00 each. Please let us know soon if interested, they will sell pretty fast.
Getting back to the rest of my day, Dr. Hoerr ran bloodwork on Hadassah's filly and found she was pumping out white blood cells, meaning infection. Hadassah and her filly were left for the day so I could still take Arturo up to Chicago. Ruth called right about then to report Paris was in a full blown colic. She was given 2 doses of banamine and it didn't touch the pain Paris was having. Fedi made the decision to have her put down as she was too old to qualify for colic surgery and the pain was only getting worse. Paris was such a joy for so many people. She was beginner safe for children and adults. Ruth just loved this mare. Below is Ruth riding Paris on a fun snowy trail ride.
Paris was perfect for pony rides. 
Paris even did cowboy mounted shooting
 She was a beautiful black Arabian mare and we will miss her. 
 Mom and I made it up to Grand Prix Equestrian which was where Arturo was going just a little after noon. This is just a huge facility filled with amazing horses. This is the home of KYB Dressage.
Arturo was very well behaved walking down that long aisle-way filled with Andalusian and Friesian stallions. It poured on the way home but stopped when we got to Morton, IL to pick up Hadassah and her filly. The filly is doing well, loaded right up and we were on our way home arriving around 4:30 pm. The stalls were cleaned and Hadassah and her filly made comfortable for the night. Rhoda, Sarah and Nolan arrived with Rizzy and the puppies. We had lots of company tonight all coming over to see the puppies.A picture got posted today of one of Valiant's daughters. She has just turned 3 years old and her owner is pretty thrilled. She writes: Just wanted to share a pic of Ravyn's Heart out of Valiant. She turned 3 in January and I have been taking her on a few light rides. This is from this weekend. She is so intelligent and willing!
LOVE love love updates with pictures!  Rizzy is being a great mom. The filly is doing fine. I think I can head to bed. 

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