Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday 2017

Palm Sunday is always special in Peoria as that is the day our church serves communion. Even though I'm still not feeling well I decided to go and just stay away from people. I was so glad I made that decision. I was shocked to hear about Gary Unsicker's accident. He was using his chain saw, it slipped and cut through his boot into his leg and right into the bone causing lots of splinters. He will be laid up for over a month. Gary is a farmer and of course planting isn't done so this is going to be so very hard on him.
After church Mark needed to stop at Menards to pick something up so we also stopped at Aldi and picked up $70.00 worth of groceries. Something we do if we are in town as Hanna City doesn't have a grocery store. The place was packed but I was glad we had food, Phil and Anna brought the girls over for the evening and we bought stuff we knew they would like. Grandma's and Grandpa's love spoiling their grandchildren and of course if we have goodies the grandchildren love to come visit.
Braelyn found a snake and almost caught it. We played a long time at the playground then took the golf carts over to Rachel and David's campsite so the girls could see the tiny house.
After supper Phil and Anna helped get  Hadassah covered by Evan. Anna (the mare) is now out.
The video of Evan was uploaded onto youtube, Rhoda picked out the music and we think it fits well.

I actually put it together a few days ago but forgot to post it.

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