Saturday, April 1, 2017

Long Trip to Iowa

We left this morning once both mares with fillies were situated and Mark had checked all the tires and fluids in the truck. We arrived almost exactly at our designated time 10:30 am only to find they were backed up and we were advised to sit and wait. Mark went exploring while I waited and waited and waited. Our turn finally arrived around 12:30 pm. This company gives each buyer an hour or more of trailer orientation while they get your truck ready to hook up to the trailer. But...isn't there always a but...Houston we have a problem. With all the checking out of everything on the truck we forgot one little item, we forgot to take the big ball out of the hitch and it just happened to be stuck in the receiver,  frozen solid. Just as I went over to tell the technician I would like ours put in the truck I heard him exclaim, "I give up!" That poor guy had been banging around trying everything he could think of to remove our slide in to put in the new one. We called Phil, he was willing to drive the 2011 truck half way, meet Mark and take back the 2003 truck while Mark brought the 2011 to the trailer place. While Mark left to meet Phil, I met with the saleslady and paid for the trailer then applied the temporary license, walked over to McDonalds for a very late lunch and then sat in the new trailer and waited. We ended up driving over 400 miles today but the job is done. We are home with the trailer and all is well.
I was glad the monitor was working I could keep an eye on the brand new filly while waiting all those hours watching each time she got up to nurse and flop down to nap. Right now she is galloping around the stall trying those long legs out.

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