Friday, April 7, 2017

The Work Has Just Begun

Both Anna and Hadassah are in their foal heat. The weather turned nice so both mares were put in the pond pasture. Evan's paddock backs into that pasture so both girls spent a lot of time teasing him.  Hadassah was the first to go across the dam to the rich grass on the other side of the pond.
 She stopped for a drink out of the lake. The filly needed to check out this strange substance. This is the first time the filly has seen a pond. 
 Anna and her filly were pretty quick to follow. 
 Funny how quickly these two mares bonded now that they both have their foals. 
Lola and Star's udders have dramatically filled since yesterday. I think both mares were waiting to get here before getting their bodies prepared for foaling.
 Above is Lola's and below is Star's. 
Lola, Star, Soul and Zalena were turned out into Valiant's pasture. These 4 mares are the next four due so must be kept out of the mud. Valiant has been locked off it and now he will lose it until these mares deliver. Today looking at Soul I thought she probably is pregnant but I'm not sure.
 She is either pregnant or really fat. 

Sarah sold the final female puppy so now the male puppy is the only puppy available. Karin is leaving for Gulf Shores early in the morning tomorrow and wanted to get her horse fix before she left. She and Nolan made plans to ride after supper. Both came here for supper. Mark grilled bbq pork chops which a served with fresh asparagus, a rice dish and a home baked biscuit. The meal was delicious. Ava, Berlica and Faith came over before the trail ride so Karin let them warm the mares up for her.

 The weather was perfect for an evening trail ride. The creeks were pretty full and running strong.
 Studly had a ball swimming.

After the ride Karin and Nolan helped me cover Anna with Valiant and Hadassah with Evan. As both of these mares have a foal by their side it really does take at least 2 people. We got the job done and both mares were marked down. That work has just begun as there are at least 5 mares that need to be covered by the end of this month. Ayanna, Rosalie, Galena, Marika and Jewel. Whitney and Tory need to be sonagrammed in a couple weeks. 
Raechal brought her Friesian mare Mara here last year to breed to Evan and this morning Mara delivered a beautiful filly. So happy Raechal let us know. What a cutie!

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