Friday, April 21, 2017


So after Zalena gave birth to her big Evan colt around 10:40 pm last night, Soul went into labor and delivered a big beautiful bay Valiant FILLY around 4:00 am. So even though these two were born on the same night they do not share a birthday. The first 4 pictures below are of Zalena's big Evan's son and the last 4 pictures are of Soul's Valiant daughter born 5 and a half hours later.

Zalena's above and Soul's below

Both foals are nursing well and both are strong. What a NIGHT!
Below is the birthing video of Zalena. She was so funny, she wanted Emily and Rhoda in with her as she labored. These Friesians really are like dogs, they need the comfort of their people.


  1. So thankful for two more healthy babies! 💖
    What breeds are the mamas?

    1. Zalena is a Friesian and Soul is an Andalusian