Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sick Filly

We had a storm come rolling in early this morning. As soon as the rain slowed to a sprinkle I went out to check on the foals. Last night Star's filly was up in the shelter laying down napping when the other foals were out playing.
This morning she was in the same shelter again laying down. That is a big red flag in my eyes but she jumped right up and started nursing when I went into the shelter. Star and the filly were taken into a stall so I could watch them on the monitor while at work today. I also brought in Zalena and her colt and stalled them across the hall so Star wouldn't worry. Lily and her colt were left in the indoor arena.
As soon as I got home from work I took the filly's temperature. It was 102.2 which is a little elevated but not terrible. A normal foal range is 101 to 102. At first I thought she was ok but decided to just stay in the stall and observe her. My instinct was the filly was sick but I couldn't tell what was the problem. Looking her over well I finally saw that she had a slight swelling in her left front leg. Of course the first thing that enters my mind is the worst scenario of joint ill. That is caused by an umbilical cord infection that travels to the joints. Hoerr vet clinic was called and Dr. Hoerr said bring her right in. Since the truck and trailer were already hooked up I only had to load them and was on my way by 12:40 pm. Dr. Hoerr checked her over and discovered an injury to her leg that had become infected. I was so thankful it wasn't joint ill.He gave her a couple shots of antibiotics and gave me more to give her later.  I was able to take them home, she is now on stall rest.
Jewel was teased and covered by Evan. Hope she conceives on this cycle. Her foals are always spectacular! Jewel is such a kind mare and is so elegant but that isn't even the best part. She throws HUGE movement. The picture below was taken during one of the PRC shows.
Stalls were cleaned, the arena cleaned and then it was time to go inside and rest before Mark came home for supper. Tonight was church, Greg Rumbold had the message.

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  1. So thankful that you trusted yoursharp eye and instincts and got the little sweetie checked out! Hopefully she will be healed and healthy in no time. I imagine one has to be super vigilant with these little ones, as they are so small.