Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Marika Out Rosalie Covered Lola Covered

On the walk this morning there was a goose sitting on the windmill pole watching over his mate who happened to be next to what we call the alligator swamp.
Ebby loves to chase the geese and it didn't take long for this one to take off flying. The alligator swamp is really the overflow pond for the lake.  Each time we take the grand kids on a golf cart ride they want to go see the alligator swamp and love to pretend an alligator is going to come out and chase us. We pretty much all quit after one round, Ruth and Diane had to go to real jobs while mom and I needed to get to the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE. Once back at the farm Lily and her colt were turned out then mares teased. Marika is now out.
She was taken out of the paddock next to Evan's and put in with Ella and Sheena. Hopefully she settled. Rosalie was teased and took a while to show then didn't stand well. Evan got the job done but I will mark her out as well. She was put in the short shelter paddock next to the apartment. Jewel and Ayanna were moved into the paddock next to Evan's. They will both need to be covered by him as they are both Valiant's half sisters. Jewel promptly showed but won't be covered until tomorrow as Evan was already used today on Rosalie. No sign of Ayanna coming in and hopefully she won't come in until Jewel is out. Evan is getting quite a work out. Lola has been showing for 3 days so today she needed to be covered. Some mares are only in for 3 or 4 days and some are in for 7 or 8 days. Lola though is so worried about her filly she shows but then will kick so on this cover I needed help. Mike came before he left for Middle Grove to handle Valiant while I handled Lola and we had a successful cover. Lily was put back in the indoor arena for the night. It is suppose to rain tomorrow, heavy rains I'll probably stall Lily and Zalena tomorrow and bring Star, Lola and Soul into the indoor in the morning if the rains come. This evening I was out checking mares when the Lola's filly saw me and came running to the fence and stuck her head through to be petted. She is such a charmer.
 Zalena and her colt were out grazing in the pond pasture. 
 She was joined by Soul and Lola, Lola's filly ran back for some milk from mom. 
 Soul's filly is a little more shy than the two colts. She enjoys a good scratching but has to be held before I start scratching. 
 The picture below was actually snapped this morning as yesterday's picture was taken during bright sunshine and the sun made the horse look like it had spots. Mom painted it a bright shiny black that reflects the sun. 
Mark is out looking for mushrooms right now but I'm tired and will be going to bed early tonight.

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