Saturday, April 22, 2017

Beautiful Music

Our furnace is not working and we are in a cold spell. The house was down to 62 degrees so Mark brought in wood and started a fire. A snake crawled into the outside motor control drive and blew it up. The snake lost his or her life too. What is funny about that was just last week he took all the wood off the porch stating, "we won't be using this until next winter."
The sun was shining and with the cool weather we had a perfect day for working outside. Mike took his trailer in to town and picked up a bunch of 16 foot 2x8 treated boards. Over the winter we always end up with broken boards and today was the perfect time to start fixing that. Mike fixed one paddock while Mark fixed the other. All of the foals are doing great. Soul's filly at just 1 day old was following her mom so well I decided to put her outside in the pond pasture joining Lola and Star and their fillies. This afternoon all three were across the pond standing in front of their sleeping foal. Lola is now coming into her foal heat.
Marika is still in and was covered by Evan while Galena was covered by Valiant. Wicktoria is now out. Rosalie is also in but won't be covered until tomorrow afternoon. Mark worked on the driveway. He ordered some big rock to help with the erosion on the side of the roads.
Below is Soul and her 1 day old filly by Valiant.
 Below is Star and her 3 day old filly by Valiant
 Below is Lola's 6 day old filly by Valiant.
 Soul's filly 
 Star's filly
 Below is Zalena's 2 day old colt by Valiant.
 Zalena's colt.
 Mike went to Middle Grove to work on the roads out there. He took the time to work with 3 year old Ripper.
Diane, Ruth, Joan and I had to be at the fellowship hall at 3:00 pm to help with the benefit dinner preparations. What an amazing afternoon and evening. The dinner was delicious and the singing so beautiful we just had to clap. If we wouldn't have the rugs and curtains would cry out.  The songs were all about worship first here on earth and soon in heaven.

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