Saturday, April 8, 2017

Last Puppy Sold

This morning the last puppy sold. The buyer told me we just made her 9 year old son ecstatic. After they purchased him they asked if I could send a few pictures of his face. Mark held the puppy so I could take a few.

They were all just snatched up so quickly. Rhoda is going to be breeding Ruby to the same stud when she comes into season so if you missed out on this litter there will be more puppies in the future.
We had a beautiful sunny WARM day. The horses are enjoying the grass and eating the field down quicker than expected. Soul and Zalena were moved off the field as Lola and Star are due sooner. Austin showed up today and was put to work holding foals while their dam was covered. He is Anna's brother and a big strong guy so this job was perfect for him.
We also had another visitor named Jed. Jed's dad was one of the men that worked on our skid steer. Jed loves horses and wants to get into training them. I took down his phone number and when Karin gets back from Gulf Shores will put her in contact with him.  Raechal sent a few of her new Evan filly.

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