Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lola Has a Filly

Karin and I tested Lola last night and it was a good thing we did. A storm came rolling in the wee hours of the morning. Checking the monitor on my phone which was on the headboard around 2:30 am I saw that Lola's water broke. Jumping out of bed, throwing my clothes on and grabbing the cameras then looking for something waterproof to take them in all seemed to take forever. I walked into the stall door right after Lola laid down and started pushing. I was able to video tape most of the birth. Karin arrived just 1 minute after this big baby girl was born.

The birth was uneventful. Lola is an experienced mare. This is her 4th foal and this filly is another beauty! The placenta was delivered around 3:30. We left the barn after watching that the foal could get up by herself and was rooting around in the right spot. Now it's time for BED.

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