Saturday, April 15, 2017

Maybe Lola

 Our  Saturday started out beautiful and stayed that way. We had a fantastic day.
The big news of today was that April the giraffe had her calf, a nice big strapping boy. I actually watched the birth along with over a million other viewers.
Nancy, Hannah, and I dyed Easter Eggs. Below Nancy is busy drying the eggs.
Rachel asked Nancy to smile and this is the face she made, but she sure enjoyed the beautiful colors.
 When we finished we had 3 dozen brightly colored fancy eggs.
Emily came and worked with Valiant. He was so good today, it may be that the thermometer was reading 82 degrees. But really it is like both of the stallions have turned a corner, both have matured and are listening to the handler much better.
Rachel hosted a cookout and volley ball at the playground.
We were sitting around the campfire watching a log burn when hundreds of tiny ants started scrambling out on top of the log.
 Unfortunately there was no way out for these ants, they had chosen the wrong place to live and ended up on the wrong path. Some were struggling as they carried their eggs (treasures) only to fall into the fire and burn. There were a few ants that made it to safety but very few. Spark made a bridge but not very many took it.
It really was a graphic picture of doomed humans first running this way and that, holding on to heavy loads that burden them down then falling into the lake of fire because of unbelief and pride. We all want to do it OUR WAY instead of depending on our heavenly Father.  Thankful for Easter tomorrow, so thankful that Jesus left the splendors of heaven, gave up His life, suffered the wrath of God in our place on the cross just because He loved us so. Thankful HE rose again! 
All the Gulf Shores people made it home. Karin came over to help bring in mares. Lola was tested and we have a bit better than a 50% chance of having a foal born by morning.

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