Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunday Afternoon Fun at Grandma's House

Sunday is such a wonderful day. This post is written Monday morning because Sunday was so jam packed and full of fun that by the time I came in it was WAY past bedtime.
After church the visitors started arriving to see Lily's brand new colt by Valiant.
 Above Faith and Berlica are petting the new colt, below Anna is showing Kensley Zalena's 3 day old colt. 
 Karin took Evan out to work. She just came back from Madison Wisconsin where she got to spend a couple days at the Midwest horse fair and came home with lots of training ideas. She couldn't wait to start trying them out on a horse. 
 Rhoda and Lee arrived with Ruby, then Sarah and Nolan arrived with Ari and Rizzy and Rizzy's 5 puppies.  Rhoda got all the puppies toenails trimmed. Below are the 3 week old puppies. 

Below left to right is Rizzy, Ruby and Ari. 
 Ruby was trying to do a trick for a treat but Ari and Rizzy kept getting the treat. 
 Rizzy, Ari and Ruby learning to sit and stay. 
 Mark grilled chicken kabobs for dinner. We were joined by Karin,  Phil and Anna's family, Sarah and Nolan and Rhoda and Lee. After dinner everyone made their way over to the playground for the usual volleyball games. Below is Brian and Rebekah's daughter Riley.
 Logan showing us some air time on the tramp. 
 The volleyball games were very entertaining. 
 Tyler and Samantha brought out their German Shepherd puppy. Below Studly is just making sure the puppy knows all the rules. 

 David Jacob brought Zero and Anni brought Chewy.
 Below Jordan, Brian and Rebekah's son, is hard at work putting a stake in the ground. 
 Emma followed Mark over and was very suspicious of that new puppy. Check out those eyes. 
 Remember that pink horse mom picked up at an estate sale a few weeks back? Well she has been busy painting it black. She had it setting out to dry. I think it looks much better black. 
 While the volleyball games were going on, Mark went digging for worms in mom's compost pile for the kids that wanted to fish. Below is Joan's daughter Berlica pulling in a fish.
 Braelyn's fish
 Kensley had to come pet one of Berlica's fish. She thought it was beautiful 
 Kensley was very sad when Berlica let that beautiful fish go. She wanted it as a pet. 
 Below Taegan is fishing (her pole doesn't have a hook on it, she is a little dangerous yet)
 Joan's daughter Faith, caught a fish. 
 Braelyn caught another fish
 Kensley found Shadow the cat. Kensley really needs a pet. 
Mom and Joan had gone to Dan and Joanne Baer's 60th anniversary party and when they returned, Ruth came over and we played games until late. Faith won again. We think maybe we are going to raise the age limit on who can play as this 10 year old beats us oldies over and over. 
What a fun Sunday at Grandma's house.

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