Friday, April 28, 2017

Zalena Covered Soul In

The boys have been busy. Evan got the day off today as he covered Jewel yesterday and she doesn't need to be covered again until tomorrow. Zalena was covered by Valiant. Galena is still in and will be covered tomorrow by Valiant and just this afternoon Soul started showing. I'm tempted to have Evan cover Soul, can you imagine the HAIR that foal would inherit. We have always used Valiant to get height on the foal as Soul is one of our shorter mares, around 15.2 hands.
We had rain during the night but it stopped in time for our walk then rain started back up right after. Lily and her colt along with Zalena and her colt were stalled for the day. It is just such a cold rain for young foals. The rain stopped around 11:30 am. Whitney, Marika and Rosalie were loaded up and hauled to Middle Grove. By the time they were being unloaded the rain started back up. Those mares took off at a gallop up the hill to find the herd. Foxy was suppose to come home but there was no way I wanted to hike up to find the herd in the rain. We will just wait for the next trip to bring her home.
The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and dishes before starting supper.
This evening Ruth, Karin, Mark and I went to mom's for game night. We had a good time.
Mike and Diane are on their way to Gulf Shores again. Rachel is already down there.

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