Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mow Mow Mow

It is a good thing that I am an early riser. This morning all before the walk, Berean lunch was made, the horses were fed, the stalls were cleaned, the udders all checked Galena covered by Valiant then breakfast cooked for Mark. After the walk the car was loaded and I was on my way to TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail. To read about our morning there click HERE.
I was home by 1:00 pm and moved a round bale in Tory's paddock then brought Marika out and teased. She was still in so covered by Evan. Lola's stall was cleaned and water buckets filled. Zalena was taken out of her paddock and let loose in the big field. She grazes there all afternoon then is more than willing to go back to her stall at night. All of the mares were checked again but it looks like none of them are close. Star is now overdue by 1 day but no waxing. She, Soul, Sheena and Lily are sharing the back field and all 4 were left out for the night. Lily's mane was brushed. It needed it, she has a thick long mane that will tangle badly if not braided. Maybe tomorrow I can pick up more little rubber bands and get Soul's, Lily's and Evan's manes braided. This evening Wicktoria was teased and covered by Valiant. Hope she goes out soon. Mark mowed. With the amount of rain and now warmth and sunshine the grass is growing faster than he can keep up. I could hear neighbors across the pond mowing and the neighbors across the field mowing.

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