Monday, April 17, 2017

Gorgeous Busy Day

Right after the walk Karin and I got Wicktoria covered by Valiant then hooked up the big trailer, loaded up Eliza and Jenis and drove to Middle Grove to pick up mares. When we arrived Ripper must have heard the trailer and came galloping down the hill bringing the herd with him but when we let Jenis and Eliza go they all went galloping back up the hill. Too bad I didn't bring the camera. They really put on a show. We hiked up, found the herd which had settled down to graze and started haltering horses. We brought 4 halters and lead ropes with us. Lily, Marika, Rosalie and Sheena were haltered and down the hill we started each leading 2 horses. Galena decided to follow us, she is attached to Marika and didn't want to see her leave so once we got to the bottom we just grabbed another halter out of the truck and stuffed all 5 horses in the 4 horse. When we arrived back at the farm Marika and Rosalie were put in the paddock next to Evan's and the first thing Marika did was go right over to tease him. Galena was put in Ribbon's old paddock so we could see if she would tease to Valiant. Lily and Sheena were put in the back field with Soul and Star.
 Above is Lily below is Sheena.
Star was quick to run over and squeal at Galena.
Marika was taken out and covered by Evan. She is pictured below. The picture was taken a bit later today when Karin came back over to work horses. Marika had the emergency C section June 25th, 2016 and we did not breed her back in 2016. I wanted to give her uterus plenty of time to heal. Doesn't she look good now though? We can still see where the surgery was but her tummy is not bulging like it was last year. 
Our next job was to move Anna, Hadassah and their fillies over to the cabin field. They love being there and headed right down to graze on the lush grass. After filling their bellies they came up to stand in the shade by the cabin. 
My next job was to take the car to East Peoria Tire to get the snow tires off the car and a new set of tires. That only took about a half hour giving me time to drive to Sam's club for dog food and groceries. When I got back I noticed Galena showing to Valiant. She was taken out to make sure and yes she is in but won't be covered until tomorrow. Karin decided to work her a bit in the round pen before we put her back. She is such a pretty mare. 
Karin pulled Rosalie out next for a refresher course in the round pen. She is very athletic. Check out the air time in the picture below. 
 Rosalie didn't like things above her head so of course Karin finished the training with that. Rosalie is Lily's 4 year old daughter by Raven and is pushing 17 hands. 
Marika was taken out next. 
Karin worked with Wicktoria while I cleaned up Lola a bit. The day was so nice and as long as I had help I wanted to get a few pictures for the website of this gorgeous 1 day old filly by Valiant. Faith was more than willing to hold her for the pictures. This filly is a typical Valiant foal, so friendly and loves attention.

Mark got home and went to work on the driveways again this evening.
After putting the tractor away he decided to go mushroom hunting and after 66 years found his very first mushroom.
Since he only found one, he gave it to Joan who had found a few others. After supper Mark needed a hair cut then back out to the barn I went to bring Zalena in, clean Lola's stall one more time before bed, feed and fill the water buckets again. It was a great day. I love my job you know.

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