Friday, April 14, 2017

Wicktoria's Secret

This morning was Dan Messerli's funeral at the Peoria church. I wasn't able to go to the visitation last night so for sure wanted to make it to the funeral. It was good to be there. As soon as I got back the mares were checked on. Zalena was waxing again this morning. Below she is grazing in the yard for a bit.
 She is offically due in 9 days but of the 3 mares she seems closest to delivering. 
 Rhoda arrived with Ruby just as I was coming back from putting her away. Ruby always has to stop and smell the flowers here. 
 Rhoda and I went to Big R's and picked up 14 bags of grain. When we got back Emily was here. We teased Wicktoria Secret (Tory) who was suppose to be coming in today and Emily stayed to handle Valiant. She was very impressed with his manners. These stallions are just doing amazing. Tory needed a bath after her cover. Below Rhoda has just finished bathing her and we decided to take her down to the redbud tree for some pictures.

 Below across the  pond are Anna and Hadassah with their fillies. 
 Tory was taken first into the arena for some action shots and then into the round pen. 
Tory has HUGE movement. 
To see the rest of the pictures from her work out click HERE.  This afternoon we had another rain storm that came through dumping almost an inch of rain. Mark took the grader out again and this time was able to dig into the roads to better smooth the potholes. 
As today is my birthday, Rhoda and Sarah surprised me by showing up with their husbands and taking Mark and I out to dinner at Gils. We came back here for cake, icecream, flowers and balloons.
Sarah and Nolan brought Rizzy and the puppies over for the evening.
 We were surrounded by dogs. This time 11 of them.

 Above we have the 5 puppies and below the 6 adults. It was funny to watch Nolan and Rhoda try to line up the adult dogs. Left to right we have Ari, Eby, Studley, Ruby, Rizzy and Emma.

 They all got a treat for doing so well. 
We had a fun evening and a good day. We missed Good Friday church but sometimes family must come first. 

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  1. Happy birthday, Judy! I sure do enjoy your blog!!