Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Going to the Dogs.

I left early this morning so I could stop at Sam's Club before going to Berean. There was already a good crew there working by the time I pulled up at the office just before 9:00 am. To read about our morning there click HERE.
Once home the dogs were let out then the mares checked. Lola is getting closer but still no waxing. She is not due until until April 19th. Star is actually due on the 17th but her udder is not as full as Lola's. Both mares were given grain and left out in the field for the night.
I'm moved Soul to Ribbon's old paddock, If she is not pregnant, hopefully she will start showing to Valiant who is in the next paddock over. Hadassah was teased and is still in. Mark held her filly while I handled Evan and between the two of us we got the job done. After she was put away we took the log splitter off the tractor and put on the road grader. Mark spent the evening grading the driveways.
Phil and Anna are getting ready to take off for Dallas to see the new Sceggel baby. Taunya posted a few pictures. Below is Abe Judah meeting his daddy right after birth.
Below they have taken him home.
And finally with his siblings Addyson, Jace and Jack.
What great looking grand children. 
So many of our family is gone for spring break. Most are in Gulf Shores, AL but some are in Branson, MO, some are in Gatlinburg, TN and some are in Texas. Funny how different it is here at Meisterville when all the houses are empty, all but ours, ours seems to be filled with dogs. Right now we have 9 crowding around Mark and I. Studly and Ebby are over, Emma and Rizzy are both trying to get close to the 5 puppies sleeping quietly on our laps. The place is going to the dogs. 

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