Thursday, April 27, 2017

Whitney Conceives Galena Ready

This morning was the vet appointment for Whitney and Galena. On the way to the vet clinic I passed Rhoda who was coming to the farm. I stopped at the water tower and waited for her to turn her car around and come with me. Talk about a grateful mom! That's me, I thought I would be unloading two huge mares at the clinic all by myself. We arrived in plenty of time for our appointment and had Whitney go first into the stocks.

We were thrilled when Dr. Hoerr found the embryo. She is 30 days along and is due March 11th, 2018.  The sire of this foal is Valiant. This may be a problem for us as we leave the first week of March for the show so decided to place Whitney for sale as a 2/1 package for only $6000.00. Someone is going to get a bargain, Whitney rides very nicely and produces exceptionally beautiful foals by Valiant. Check out the video below of Rhoda showing us how patient Whitney is for mounting and how balanced her canter is under saddle. 
She is also a proven mother foaling out a gorgeous filly that turned out absolutely lovely. Below the filly is just a 10 days old.
and in the picture below she is 18 months old and her owner writes she sticks at 16.2 hands at that age.
Whitney's height is another reason we are going to sell her. She is such a huge mare at 17.2 hands she takes up too much room in the trailer. When we head to shows or trail rides we need to be able to haul as many horses as possible in our 4 horse and when we take Whitney we find we can only stuff 4 horses in the trailer instead of the usual 5. We found we just don't take her out riding much. She has a current coggins, has had her shots and was de-wormed (with two Quests).
The next mare in the stocks was Galena.
 Galena had been in season WAY to long and I was afraid she might have picked up a uterine infection. Well it turned out she is almost ready to ovulate. She had a whole bunch of small follicles on one of her ovaries which was causing her to think she was in season but finally the other ovary started to develop a big follicle and now she is ready to be bred. We brought the mares home, put Whitney away and had Valiant cover Galena. She stood well and Valiant got the job done! We are also putting Galena for sale but she won't be quite the bargain Whitney is as her foal will either be black or black and white. Galena is so very beautiful, tall and has the HAIR gene so we are asking $8000.00 for her once she is confirmed in foal.

 Check out the thick FEATHER that starts at the back of her knee. 
Her foal alone will be worth what we are asking for her. She is 11 years old this year and this will be her first foal. Galena too has a current coggins, has had all of her shots and been de-wormed. She performed this March at the 2017 IL Horse Fair and was a favorite with the visitors. If you are interested in either of these mares please feel free to email me at but either Whitney or Galena in the subject line.

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