Thursday, April 20, 2017

Laboring Zalena

No new babies this morning. After yesterday's drama today was a blessing. The horses were fed, stalls cleaned, Galena covered by Valiant and Marika covered by Evan all before breakfast. After breakfast came the walk and Berean.  To read about the morning there click HERE. Just as I drove into the garage  Rhoda pulled up. She came to work and work she did. The first job done was to bathe Lola.
We took them outside for the sunshine to dry Lola, below Rhoda is taking them to the field. The filly saw Ruby coming. 
 and did a flying leap, jumping clear over her.
Once they were out grazing the next job was to bring Star's filly out. She needed to have her tail cleaned off before we took any pictures. She had laid down in that sticky foal manure. She is a good strong filly at just ONE day old. 

 Below is that cute round bum all cleaned up. Anyone that has dealt with that sticky foal meconium knows that is not something we want to leave on the foal. 
Once we had a few pictures for the website these two were put in the indoor arena and the stalls stripped and made ready for the next delivery.  Lola and her filly were brought in, saddled and taken to the outdoor arena.
We took a few pictures for the website and then Emily arrived. Of course we had to show off Lola's filly. It is hard to believe how friendly this filly is.

 Below she is trying to crawl into Rhoda's lap. 
She even likes dogs. 

Lola and her filly were put in the pond pasture. The day turned cool so I wasn't too worried about the filly becoming over heated. Rhoda and Emily decided to take Rosalie and Soul out on the trails but both mares needed to be worked with first as both have been living at Middle Grove.

 Below is the most dramatic shot of the day. Soul did not want to enter the creek with a rider. Rhoda took her rein, and Soul launched herself into the air coming down partially on Rosalie's rump. Check out Emily and Rosalie's faces!
They spent a lot of time walking in and out of the water and by the time they quit Soul was learning creeks are not that bad.

When they got back I wanted help testing Zalena. This morning there was a lot of waxing and it didn't look clear. Sure enough she is testing below 250. Her stall was prepared for foaling earlier but I added more bedding and put straw outside the stall to add as the foal is being born. Her tail was wrapped and she is in the first stage of labor, pacing her stall and looking at her sides regularly. Praying we have a safe delivery and a healthy foal by morning.
For our dinner tonight we had a real delicacy.  Moral mushrooms! Mark found a bunch then Rachel gave us a few more and told me the best way to prepare them. The good news is they were delicious, the bad news is Mark wants MORE!

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