Saturday, November 5, 2016


This is just amazing to have so many beautiful days in a row in November. We almost hit 70 degrees today and were over that yesterday.
Karin came over and helped cover Rosalie with Evan. She is showing well and standing. Hope she ovulates and conceives soon.
The horses were fed then Mark and I went to work, Mark on log splitting and me inside to do laundry. As soon as the machines were changed I went back out to help him but first wanted to put Jenis and Eliza away as they were just loose grazing in the yard. It was then I discovered the problem. Sheena's colt, Capricho had fallen between the round bale and the wall of the shelter and could not get up. I first tried to drag him out one direction then went around the bale the other way to see if I could bring him forward but that was not an option. I jumped on the golf cart to get Mark to help. Two lead ropes were put around his hind legs, Mark took one and I took the other and we were able to move him just enough that when I put the lead rope on his halter he was able to scramble up. He seemed ok and bounded out of the shelter to go stand next to Caspian but later I noticed he is favoring his right front leg. He is suppose to be picked up on Wednesday so I hope his leg is just stiff from being in the wrong position too long. I'm so so thankful I left the mares out, I don't I don't know if I would have noticed he was in trouble for hours otherwise. Emily was gone all day so no one would have seen him. 
Mark just about was able to finish the log pile today, we have an abundance of split wood this year and are ready for a hard winter. Wouldn't it be wonderful though if it wasn't a hard winter.
My big news was the pink couch, chair and ottoman sold today. The ad was placed on Craigslist yesterday but no response so today I went on Craigslist to see the ad and couldn't find it, turned out I forgot to hit publish. Within 30 minutes of hitting publish I got a text and by the time the buyer made it here 30 minutes later 4 more had come in asking if the furniture was still for sale. The first man bought it. 

The family room looks pretty empty right now. Mark wants a roll top desk and I think we need a couch.  Philip came over tonight to fix our computer. I can finally open our email account. 

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